Friday, April 15th (7:30pm to 10pm)

Women’s Anatomy of Arousal – Secret Maps to Her Buried Pleasure with Sheri Winston

Location: Orchard Room, Shutesbury, Massachusetts

Registration for this event is available on the conference registration form or can be purchased separately. Use the links below to register both for the Conference and the Pre-Event or for the Pre-Event ONLY.


We are so lucky to have Sheri Winston return to the Women’s Belly and Womb Conference. She is a celebrated sexuality teacher and an award winning author. If you have the opportunity to join her this evening, we promise that you will be so glad you did. Though she has a full schedule, she has made a special place in her life to come and teach here since we first began our conference. As she has become renowned with her work in the sexuality field, we are very grateful and overjoyed that she is making this time to return. This intensive is open to both men and women on Friday night preceding our conference. You do not have to attend the conference, to attend the pre-conference class. You do however need to register. This price for this class is 45- and 70- for partners. You can rsvp at and you can pay at the door or send in a check. This class will be held at the Orchard Room at Sirius. Bring a notebook. Please be on time. It is a shoeless class space so you may need slippers. Walk-ins at this time are welcome.

Women have as much erogenous erectile tissue as men do! Discover just how much pleasure you’ve been missing! There’s more to the clitoris then meets the eye, and more to women’s arousal then the clitoris. You’ll discover the Female Erectile Network (including the G-spot and so much more) and the whole network of structures responsible for female sexual pleasure. Join us for a fun, fascinating and highly useful presentation Illuminated by unique anatomical diagrams and many other delightful images.

This “clothes-on, hands-off” class for people of all genders is drawn from Sheri’s award-winning highly acclaimed books, Women’s Anatomy of Arousal – Secret Maps to Buried Pleasure and Succulent SexCraft: Your Hands On Guide to Erotic Play and Practice . In her class the radical new maps are essential, empowering information. When you fully understand the elegant, integral and multi-purpose female sexual/reproductive system you’ll be enabled to expand your (or your partners’) arousal and orgasm and experience your full pleasure potential.

Note: If you are coming to the conference specifically for sexual empowerment, education and deeper erotic life, please note that Amy Jo Goddard, author of Woman on Fire and co-author of Lesbian Secrets for Men is also going to hold a full day workshop on Sunday, April 17th from 10am to 6pm following the conference. See our registration page for information on how to register for Fire Woman! Intensive: 9 Elements of a Sexually Empowered Life in addition to Sheri’s class. Amy Jo’s class is for women only and will be open to women not attending the conference.