Belly and Womb Conference – Saturday, April 16th

Registration: 8:15am until 8:45am

Please note that we only do a morning registration for the conference even if you arrive the night before. If you are driving in the morning be sure to import your coffee in as our first meal is not until lunch time! For those staying overnight as a guest with Sirius there is a light self-serve breakfast.

Class locations will be shared at registration.

Opening Circle: 9:00am SHARP to 9:30am

Showing Up and Loving Ourselves Right Here and Now with ALisa Starkweather and Chaya Aronson.
We begin our day together in ritual with song, community building, setting our intentions and getting to know one another. We see this as crucial for building a safe space to do the deep healing work that this day offers and with this we invite every woman to be here on time to enter ritual space together. Join the magic as we embark on this healing journey.

Session I Workshops: 9:40am to 11:10am

Session II Workshops: 11:20am to 12:50pm


Vegetarian Lunch: 12:55pm to 2:00pm

(Sirius is a co-gender community. We are expected to circle promptly at lunchtime for a blessing and announcements together. They share their home with us so please be on time for this meal. Thank you.)

Afternoon Activities: 2:10pm to 4:00pm

*Our vision is that we will all come together for these councils and ceremonies in the afternoon in order to dive deep. We begin our 2:10pm time by all meeting together first in the Octagon before going other directions. Below are three choices for this time.

Community Healing Ritual: Sourcing Power in Our Bellies for Strength in These Times: We are Ready for Action!

ALisa Starkweather

Our world is calling women to be in their power, their gut-knowing, their truth right now. We are facing terrible destruction and disease and growing hardships. Many of us have already lived through inner and outer wars long before now. In spite of this we still long to be in our bodies, know our ecstasy, share our gifts and be present with life as life is occurring. In an unprecedented container, the Women’s Belly and Womb Conference deliberately makes space for collective healing. It is not just a learning and informational day. It is a day to make new choices, to come out of denial, to recommit to our visions, our lives through loving our bodies and who we are in this world. It is an unforgettable moment in the life of a woman when she recognizes more of who she is and what is possible in her life. It is fertile ground for transformation. In order to do this we make space for what needs loving attention in our hearts, bellies, wombs and lives as women.

Where is Your Womb?

Chaya Leia Aronson

The position of our Womb has a profound affect on our physical health, as well as our emotions and spiritual health. The late Don Elijio, my teacher Rosita’s teacher, said, “If her Uterus is out of alignment, then so is she.” Join me today to explore how the position of our Womb affects and how we can support her alignment. We will also go within and journey to our Womb and hear Her, using meditation and movement. Does She have a message for you? Often when we listen, She gives us profound information to help us access our own healing. Please feel free to attend, whether or not you have a physical womb. The space She inhabits always exists.

Red Tent Woman Time

Denise DirtyMother and Nuit Moore

Women and Belly Tea Break: 4:00pm to 4:15pm

Herbs specific for our belly and womb health.

Celebration of Our Bellies and Wombs: 4:30pm to 5:00pm

We have done the hard work and it is time to play, unwind and celebrate. Chaya will lead us in shaking and shimmering our bellies in dance. Break out the veils, the bare bellies, the belly painters and the belly laughter as we move our bodies. Liberation will resound in the Octagon as the women raise up some energy together.

Women’s Council and Closing Circle: 5:15pm to 6:30pm

Bringing our energy gently down from a very full and wonderful day we strike the crystal singing bowl and come into silence and rest. From this place we share what women need to speak at this time living on the Earth. We speak from our bellies and our deep knowing. We speak from our stories, our visions and our wisdom. We appreciate one another and take the time so we can each hear how the other is feeling by this time of our day. With hand on hand on wombs we impart wisdom to one another.

Dinner: 6:30pm to 8:00pm

A blessing with the Sirius community begins on time in the dining hall. Please be on time. Goodbye and farewell until next year!

The Return of the Red Tent Temple

In celebration of our fifteenth Women’s Belly and Womb Conference and through the mysteries of our blood connection as women, we rebuild and open the Red Tent Temple here again for women to connect deeply in sacred space. Classes will be taught here. You are welcome to share this space with women even if you are not bleeding or no longer bleeding. It is for all women to share stories together. It will be open during the conference as a retreat place if you need some quiet reflective time as well.