amberbellyWhere is Your Womb?

Chaya Leia Aronson, RN BSN

The position of our Womb has a profound affect on our physical, emotional and spiritual health. Don Elijio, the last living Maya medicine man and shaman, my teacher Rosita’s teacher, used to say, “If her Uterus is out of alignment, then so is she. She can only be as centered as her Uterus.” Join me today to explore how the position of our Womb affects us and how we can support her alignment. We will also go within and journey to our Womb and hear Her, using meditation, movement and self care abdominal massage. Does She have a message for you? Often when we listen, She gives us profound information to help us access our own healing. Please feel free to attend, whether or not you have a physical womb. The space She inhabits exists always.

Moving In GraceA Moving in Grace: Flowing from the Womb Being:

Hilary Lake

Moving in Grace is a Buddhist and shamanistic inspired ritual movement and sounding practice that is offered with the intention to bring grace and transformational awareness into the cycle of one’s daily life with the expression of our embodied dreams. In this offering of Moving in Grace: Flowing from the Womb of Being, we will use the image and exploration of ourselves being held in our own womb. How do we grow ourselves as our own mothers as we relearn mothering and honor the mothering that we received from our birth mother? We will move in and out of our inner experience while meeting others in their journeys and always returning back to our own breath and the movement from our womb as our guide to return home as we give more of ourselves to our day and the embodiment of our dreams in community for the awakening of all beings.
No experience with dance, meditation, yoga or any spiritual practice is needed. All that is needed is an open mind, heart and a body that is ready to explore with intention.

AlisaTannyweb Goddess Loves Wheels of Light: A Journey into Reclaiming BELLY & WOMB Embodied Empowerment

Alisa Wright Tanny & Laney Goodman

Together we will journey deep with the Goddesses through the Seven Chakras in honor of nourishing the Belly and Womb. Supported by Toning, Soundscapes, Sacred Drum & Chant, YogaFlow & BodyDance™, we will explore authentic embodied expression and RECLAIM our PLAYFUL relationship to the presence, power & pleasure in the pelvis, belly & womb. (This class will have drums.)
*bring yoga mat, blanket, journal, colored pencils, eye pillow/scarf-wrap.

Healing the Mother Wound

Bethany Webster

As daughters, the relationship with our mothers is one of the most significant in our lives, impacting everything from how we view our bodies to what we feel capable of creating in the world. Feeling anger and sadness towards our mothers when she did not meet our needs is natural, yet often stigmatized in our culture, preventing us from moving into our full power as women. Accepting our mother’s limitations frees us to claim our inner gifts, without guilt or shame. In this workshop, we will explore what the mother wound is, how it manifests in our lives, the cost of not healing the mother wound and the medicine in healing the mother wound.This event offers a sacred space for women to examine the mother wound and explore how it can be transformed from a source of pain into a source of wisdom.

beautifulbelliesThe Wise Woman Within:
Tapping Into The Wisdom Of Our Bellies

Mother Turtle

Join Mother Turtle as she guides you on a deep and powerful journey to your wise woman within. Have you heard her? She is the rumble in your gut and that feeling that you know and adamantly trust. This “knowing” is not something you have to search for. As a woman, wisdom is your innate gift and it is always accessible. It is not something that can ever be taken away from you, not for as long as you are woman. Then how is it that we do not source her guidance more often? With our demanding lives and the pressures of the modern day world, it’s not hard for her voice to get drowned out amongst all the screaming devices, vices, mental chatter, to do lists, etc. However, she is not missing, she is not lost. She is blanketed and waiting for you to uncover her. Come experience your “Wise One” and learn to connect to her with ease. Your wise woman is unique to you and speaks your own very special language. Once you understand her, you will learn to trust your belly and welcome wisdom into your decision making. There is much to be gained. Join us. Your wise woman awaits!

Holistic PregnancyIMG_2560

Kristen Avonti

The year surrounding the birth of a child is a time of tremendous physical, emotional and spiritual growth. Join us for an exploration of practices and healing tools that can support a nourished and holistic journey. Together we will explore nourishing herbs and holistic practices for self care and inner connection.

Amy Jo with fireSexual Evolution: Deepening Pleasure, Intimacy and Desire

Amy Jo Goddard

Far from being “one size fits all”, sexuality is a life-long process of personal evolution. As you grow and evolve, sometimes you need to take inventory of your sexual self and learn new tools. What is holding you back from experiencing pleasure and desire in your daily life? What are the things that make you feel most alive? How can you work to bring those aspects of your life into greater alignment with how you live on a day-to-day basis? Water, and therefore, flow, lives in the second chakra, the home of our sexuality, our sensual selves, our desire. When we get stuck in our attachments, we dam the flow of pleasure in our lives. In this workshop we will use movement, meditation, reflection and group exercises to deepen our experience of our sexual energy, create clarity about how to churn the butters of deliciousness in our lives, and open the second chakra to embrace pleasure and desire in a new way.

Finding the Lover Within – Your True Primary Partner is YOU!

Sheri Winston

You are your own best lover and lifelong primary partner. Learn to look inside and free your sexual self. In this class, you’ll learn the perspective and skills required to be your own extraordinary lover. Fall in love with yourself! These are skills needed by all of us, single or partnered.

Birthing and Building Our Tribal Queens

Julie Woods

Our sovereign selves are both born and built… and I choose to believe that we have input into both processes.  Self-BIRTHING ensures that our foundational selves are solidly authentic.  Self-BUILDING ensures that we have input into every step of the power and influence we have in our own lives and those of people who choose to follow our lead.

One of my superpowers is generating *awesome* tribes! I do it by being someone who’s a charismatic and empowering “guide from the side” instead of a “sage from the stage”.  Please join me to share some of my tools and behaviors that have helped my clients and mentees to Call their own tribes into being.  I look forward to working with each of you — and your sovereign selves, even if you don’t (yet) recognize the Queen that you are! ;-D — at our conference!

Belly and Womb ConferenceBelly-licious Bellydance!

Tiffany Gray

All women are welcome regardless of class experience!
Join us as we shimmy and slither through serpentines,  glorious hip opening movements, sweet or sassy subtle playfulness (whatever your flavor my be!) We will learn some cued movements that become a language for us to communicate while we dance and touch on how to improvise and follow our own energy. Embrace your belly, open your heart and let your dancing spirit soar!  All you need is your willingness to move with us. Bellydance is a sacred art form and our bodies are all sacred. Together we will honor this and expand beyond ourselves through dance.

Warrior Having the Guts to Go For It

ALisa Starkweather

I don’t know what it is you want, what you are dreaming of, what might be in your way. I do know that in order for you to move forward, to really let go and dare take your next steps, to speak truth, to not give up, to do so many things in life that you long for, one needs guts. This includes your ability to have gut-knowing intuition. Where do you think this lives? That’s right. In your home space, your belly, your body knowing lies untapped power and potential. First step… loving your belly for this is also your woman home. We are not stopping with mere uprising of courage. We are also a unique biome and host to a community of vast bacteria and also a river of hormones. How we feed ourselves, how we live, how we feel, what we do matters and we are not alone. Literally how you feed what is in you influences your energy to choose, your willpower, your life. Together we are going to look into the shadow of our gut, our cycles, our moods, our perceptions in order to see where we can gain access to the tremendous life force energy in the realm of our bellies and wombs.

Love Letters- A Soul-Utionaries Cypher for Our Womb Tongues

Venus Zephyr
A Cypher is a cyclical entity in urban slang speech, a space to move the energy around and share ideas, soul stories,testimonies, inspirations, poems, prose,spoken words, writings and ascended actions toward the great shift in human and spiritual consciousness. A Cypher of Voices brings forth the idea that we can heal from injustice,misogyny, violence and oppression and curate a new container of empowerment, creation, vision and action one word, poem, verse and voice and womb at a time.
Bring your Wombs Soul Stories, Deep Belly Beliefs, Urgent Napkin Poems, Testimonies, Beat Boxes,Spoken Words, Verses, The Sounds of your Ancestral Tongues,and Your Voice as a tool for Co-Conspired Participation, Power-full Action and The Sound of our Collective Visceral Voice that shares your visions for the world in the form of a Love Letter to the World.
During our time together we will begin with a meditation through the stories in our minds eye, finding a place to explore our internal landscape through sound collage, silence and syllables. From the place we find when we allow our mind to stay behind, we will journey to what The Deep She she has to say, through our hearts and our seats of power the womb space. There will be an invitation to put your words and stories into form and to share this with our women’s community. This is an experimental space and the only rules are that we create a cypher where every woman has space to share Herstory through spoken words and a unique love letter welling up from our wombs soul stories.
Please bring a writing tool, a journal or loose paper and something to sit comfortably on during the meditative sound collage.
If you have poetic pieces already in existence bring them along for inspiration.
Be prepared and empowered to use your voice in this workshop, every womyn will have a chance to share a piece within the cypher….

JulieBellyWCommunity Healing Ritual: Sourcing Power in Our Bellies for Strength in These Times: We are Ready for Action!


Alisafam.rtt.fs-1Red Tent Temple Time

Meggie Winchell

You are welcome throughout the conference to spend time in our Red Tent Temple. During the afternoon, there is an option to be in circle in the Red Tent facilitated with Meggie Winchell.