2016 Women’s Belly and Womb Conference ~ Celebrating our 15th!

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15th Women’s Belly and Womb Conference
April 16, 2016

Sirius Conference Center, Shutesbury, MA

Our Women’s Belly and Womb Conference is featured in the documentary movie;
Things We Don’t Talk About; Women’s Stories in the Red Tent.

“This is our time! I believe that when we as women love and source the power in our bellies, follow our gut knowing, and refuse to diminish the very core of our lifeforce, we can radically break old paradigms that are holding us back in today’s world.” ~ALisa Starkweather

Registration open for our 15th Women’s Belly and Womb Conference!


April 15th: Pre-Conference Event with Sheri Winston
April 17th: Post-Conference Event Info with Amy Jo Goddard

Women’s Belly and Womb Conference
One Extraordinary Day In the Life of a Woman

What Transformations Await You Here that You Want? Make it Your Day!

It is a day of celebration, healing and honoring. Every woman can source creativity, wisdom and knowing through her belly. Does what we feel about our bellies mirror how we feel about ourselves? What are our souls really hungry for? What happens if we own the fire of our own volcano down there? We celebrate over fifteen years of a day that can be for some lifechanging and very inspirational. Come join us and see how this day can be a catalyst for what is next for you.

“This day is beyond powerful, and completely transformational. Personally, it changed my life. The collective energy present that day, is something I have yet to find words to describe. Strength? Power? Love? I don’t even think those words do this event justice. This intuitive knowing, and understanding held among women. Oh, and the understanding! It brought me such strength and feeling of support to remember this. We are not alone!…I left that evening, embarking on my drive home feeling renewed. Rejuvenated. More ALIVE. My body was moving with so much gratitude, joy, and spirit from the experience.” Alexandra Schueler

“I LOVE THIS BELLY CONFERENCE that you do, and I BELIEVE with all my heart that if we as women know and love our bellies, it will transform this society. I am in particular distress about the disconnection from the womb that is so prevalent today and how that impacts childbirth. If women of the world could take back their power in birthing, WHAT a revolution we would have. It is the very foundation of everything.” -Maria, Houston, TX

Do any of these things apply to you? If you are a woman, than you have a belly and womb story. It is a radical idea to pay tribute to our journey concerning our lives. There is not another Belly and Womb Day on the entire planet like this one! Let’s stay healthy and honor ourselves. Note: Women without wombs are so welcome here. Your story is important.

    • Are you able to love your body, your belly, your self, your womanhood with unequivocal acceptance? Do you carry shame about your body? Do you have a cultural base that honors your beauty and your size? Have you ever suffered from an eating disorder? Can you allow yourself to age?
    • Are you disease free in your colon, liver, pancreas, small intestine, spleen, stomach, sexual organs (including sexual diseases and viruses)? Do you still have a uterus? Have you had any major surgery for childbirth or for your health that involves your belly and or womb? What is your mother’s herstory with her body? Do you suffer from PMS or hormonal imbalances?
    • What is your herstory with fertility? Are you able to bear children? Are you resolved with your birth stories (i.e. C-sections, stillbirths, traumatic births, adoptions)? Are you resolved in your decisions to terminate a pregnancy? Did you ever have an opportunity to grieve your loss or release your guilt? Did you have support for the choices, the losses, and the destiny of your path as a woman? How do you feel about yourself as a mother? How do you feel about yourself as being childless?
    • Have you suffered sexual, emotional or physical abuse in your life? Are you able to deal with how you may abuse yourself by your internal dialogue or your actions? Do you feel empowered to thrive and shed another layer of pain? Are you depressed in your gut?


  • Do you honor your gut feelings and intuition? Do you get indigestion, stomach upsets or sluggish digestion? Where does fear live in your body? Where does power live in your body? If you got in touch with the power you hold deep in your belly how could it be used as a catalyst for truth, action and empowerment for good in your life?
  • What happened when you first began to bleed as a young woman? Was your period or moontime celebrated? How do you honor your rites of passage now with your daughters, your Menopause years, and your monthly cycles? Do you participate in women’s circles, rituals or ceremonies intentionally honoring the Goddess in every woman? Do you want to?
  • Do you maintain any spiritual practices that cultivate energy in your belly for longevity and well being? Our chi, or life force, generates from our hara below the belly button. Do you know how to gather universal energy, store it and renew it? Do you breathe well? How much ecstasy do you allow yourself?
  • How are your relationships with other women? Do you trust them or compete with them? Do you feel superior, inferior or equal to them? Do you want healing that happens in the context of what we have endured together in this culture? Have you done any Shadow Work to find out where you might be projecting parts of your self onto others? Do you want find meaningful ways to connect right now?
  • Do you have a yes or a no inside your belly that aches to be spoken? Do you have a love for life on earth that demands you to know what you know and to voice your opinions? Do you need more energy to act from? Have you let sound out of the silent places inside? Is it time for you to come out, to come up, to be seen?

These are some of the many complex issues and questions that the Women’s Belly and Womb Conference seeks to address. Any woman can find something of importance for her own healing and growth.

Women's Belly and Womb Conference
Women's Belly and Womb Conference
Women's Belly and Womb Conference

There are so many reasons to make time for this extraordinary day in your life. Be a part of a vibrant women’s community this April and discover paradigm shifts that include loving your body in the core of your being in this transformational shift work.

“Your belly is central to your physical health, your emotional wellbeing, and the flow of vital energy through your body.” Lisa Sarasohn in the Woman’s Belly Book

As you can see the Belly and Womb Conference has a wide “birth” of reasons why it is important for us as women to gather and as women we have a distinct journey with our belly and womb. When we detest, reject, or disown it we cut ourselves off from the very source that could feed us, nourish us and empower us to live more meaningful lives. It is a time for all women of all ages to meet one another eye to eye, heart to heart and belly to belly. It has been said that this mere day, this precious time together, has permanently changed lives for the better in meaningful ways that matter to us on a day to day basis. Please consider joining us for this eventful community day. If you are unable to come, please hold us in prayer. We are showing up in our power as women in multitude of ways, especially now.

Women's Belly and Womb Conference
Women's Belly and Womb Conference
Women's Belly and Womb Conference

“From the very flesh and blood and from the constant cycles of filling and emptying the red vase in her belly, a woman understands physically, emotionally, and spiritually that zeniths fade and expire, and what is left is reborn in unexpected ways and inspired means, only to fall back to nothing, and yet be reconceived again in full glory.”
Excerpt from Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D.

Since April 1999 the Women’s Belly and Womb Conference continues to be a revolutionary gathering of women healing themselves around core issues facing us culturally. It is a FULL day of transformation requiring stamina and willingness. You will touch many deep places within and experience the spectrum of grief and joyful empowerment. The renewed love, honoring and celebration of our life-giving wombs and feeling-knowing bellies is crucial to our freedom; freedom from disease, depression, oppression and suppression. Let’s continue to be in our power and honor our true nature. Say yes to life with us, and to loving ourselves fully!

We have come to love and know the power in our bellies and celebrate the magic of our womb today. We honor the grieving, the laughter, the wisdom, as we open to the healing of the Women’s Way. Birth me back into pure love. You who knows the way to go through. Remember what we know. Let go of what we’ve lost. Remember what we know. Let go of what we’ve lost.
Women’s Belly and Womb Conference Song of 2001, ALisa Starkweather

We have two vibrant pre-conference and post conference events with authors, Sheri Winston and Amy Jo Goddard. Be sure to investigate particularly if you are looking to empower your sexual alive self!


April 15th: Pre-Conference Event with Sheri Winston
April 17th: Post-Conference Event Info with Amy Jo Goddard

Belly and Womb Conference
Belly and Womb Conference
Belly and Womb Conference